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Wir über uns

SchneidersBuero has been founded to become my income one day after I tried my best promoting better sales for JoMoX as their sales rep for just the XBase09 once. This was not enough that time.

Superbooth has been the idea to bring the uncounted inventors and small micro business companies together making collective promotion for their ideas, something like a union. It became a lot of work.

Stromkult was the idea to have a website where I could post easily informations and news about people and their products from all over the world without being a member of a boring promotional platform. Its getting better slowly.

Schneidersladen is a place where all this can be reality having an attractive place to meet each other to make it even better. Unfortunately there has been better times for such ideas and not a lot of the people can see the chances they have supporting these individual little companies with their investigations.

We will see where it goes to..

Schneiders Sammelsurium, dideldum! | a@schneidersbuero.de