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Pictures / Bilder 09

Welcome to one of my webpages called www.extremesupersynths.de, 

This was started as a page to show pictures and impressions of my personal hobbies. If I look back to my life as it happened to me so far, I can resume that it is fun for me to bring people together with others, promoting their collective interests and making things and/or happenings run. somehow.

One of these projects has been the www.superbooth.com that has been made to promote my real business called www.schneidersbuero.de, that itself once should have been a distribution. In the end in became a bit more something like a shop that I had to split it up into the shop called www.schneidersladen.com and the distribution still called schneidersbuero. To have it easier promoting news around those things I started www.stromkult.com as a weblog, but there is no space to promote impressions of this and that with more than one pic.. 

So here I am with a few impressions that just happened to me. If we count it in money it is still some of my hobbies. Lets have a nice time and take care for the world if you can.

Thank you, Andreas Schneider, Berlin/Germany 10/2009

As it once looked in our packing room around 2005
Schneiders Sammelsurium, dideldum! | a@schneidersbuero.de